Install a Modern Residential Elevator; Here’s Why…

by | May 3, 2022 | Elevators

A residential elevator is an exceptional addition to any household. It does wonders for mobility, of course, but can it be modern without sacrificing functionality? Not a lot of elevators on the market can. However, RAM’s Crystal Series exceptionally executes luxury and functionality in one elegant design.

RAM Elevators + Lifts have successfully engineered top-quality residential elevators offering an abundance of available interior finish options, sizing, doors, car finishes and lighting. It is time to install a residential elevator, and here’s why…

1. Fully Customized For Your Modern Home

The Crystal Series by RAM Elevators + Lifts do not choose function over fashion; instead, we let inspiration take the wheel. Our outstanding team of engineers has combined style with purpose so the Crystal and Crystal Prism elevators fully cater to your stylistic preferences; your choices are limitless.

Installing a unique elevator in your home portrays luxury and extravagance, especially with an all-glass elevator like the Crystal Prism. The Crystal series is not only luxurious in looks, but it is also rich in the engineering behind it. We have excelled at designing custom-made mobility elevators that are space-saving, discreet, compact, and require minimal maintenance. Not only are the Crystal series elevators modern, but they are also…

2. Convenient and Comfortable 

The Crystal series is luxurious indeed; however, it is also convenient in any space and provides the desired level of comfort. RAM Elevators + Lifts introduced our proprietary counterbalanced traction drive three decades ago and have constantly been developing it ever since. The traction drive is power efficient as it consumes at least 50% less energy than other products such as a winding drum or a hydraulic elevator.

The Crystal and Crystal Prism elevators are fabulous and power-efficient, and they also do not require heavy construction or space restrictions. We can construct your ideal elevator in a place that suits you without taking up an enormous amount of space in your home. The Smart Space Design is a RAM advantage that allows us to deliver the most space-efficient elevator. All traction components are mounted on top of the guardrail frame, omitting the need for an extra room dedicated to the machinery. RAM’s Crystal elevators also…

3. Guarantee A Smooth Ride

Every ride on a RAM product begins and ends with your comfort and ease in mind. We have engineered soft starts and stops to ensure a comfortable ride even at the maximum speed of 50ft/min. With that powerful speed in mind, the Crystal and Crystal Prism elevators are very discreet. The use of an all-electric drive system is reliable, whisper-quiet, and, since there are no hydraulic fluids involved, the elevator does not omit any harsh smells.

The Crystal series is a beautiful addition to any household looking for an elegantly tailored elevator; it also…

4. Increases property value

If you plan to rent or sell your property, installing a Crystal elevator will definitely drive traffic to your property and increase its value.

The minimal maintenance required with the elevator is also a good factor as you will not have to consider adding any extra costs on regular repairs. By now, you should be ready to…

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