Looking for a Home Wheelchair Lift?

Since 1987, RAM Elevators + Lifts has remained a North American leader in residential accessibility solutions. Today, our Trus-T-Lift line of vertical platform lifts offers world-class performance, unrivalled reliability, and unbeatable value for customers across North America.

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Best-In-Class Performance – The RAM Advantage

RAM vertical platform lifts feature an industry-leading patented fully counterbalanced All-Electric Drive Design. This innovative, field-proven system offers discreet, reliable performance while consuming 50% less electricity than other comparable products.

Accessibility Where It Matters Most

RAM Trus-T-Lift products feature some of the smallest footprints on the market today and are engineered to require minimal home modifications. In addition to their small (5′ X 5′) footprint, Trus-T-Lift’s easy-to-assemble modular design makes moving and installing your new elevator a breeze. Best of all, all RAM Trus-T-Lifts are engineered for both indoor and outdoor performance, offering homeowners maximum versatility with the freedom to enjoy their home fully, inside and out.

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The Perfect Solution for Your Home

Accessibility shouldn’t be an eyesore; your lift should complement your home in every way, providing easy, convenient accessibility from top to bottom.

With a variety of models, sizes, finishes, and other accessories available, RAM is your one-stop solution for all of your property’s accessibility needs.

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