Learn how RAM leaders are helping CSA evolve B355 code changes to meet the needs of tomorrow’s powered mobility devices

Wheelchairs are continuously evolving to meet user needs, from motor-propelled electric wheelchairs to three-wheeled chairs for more stability over rough terrain. However, these changes can present challenges concerning the equipment covered in CSA B355, Platform Lifts and Stair Lifts for Barrier-Free Access. First introduced in 1981, CSA B355 states the minimum requirements for platform lifts and stair lifts that provide barrier-free access for persons with limited mobility. Powered wheelchairs and scooters can exceed weight limits that CSA B355 previously established based on traditional wheelchair designs, along with other complications such as large size or tipping hazards.

As part of a study conducted by BCIT for the Canadian Standards Association, RAM Founder & Chief Product Office, Richard Meunier, was asked to participate in the Project Advisory Panel. The study aimed to review the requirements for CSA B355 equipment and raise the standards for code and accessibility recommendations for powered mobility lifts.


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