Maintenance Tips for Lifts in Residential Homes

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Lifts

Deciding to install a lift in an individual’s residential home is an investment in the individual’s wellbeing. The first question one might ask after the installation is how they can keep their new lift working in its best condition for as long as possible. RAM Elevators + Lifts has over 30 years of installing and caring for lifts in residential homes. In the following article, RAM Elevators + Lifts gives their best tips for maintenance. Read on to learn all about maintaining your new lift.

Use It Properly

Your residential home lift is meant for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues, not for moving cargo or avoiding the stairs when you’re tired. Never use your lift for transporting furniture or heavy objects. While our RAM residential lifts can carry upwards of 700lbs, it is created as an accessibility tool. Please do not allow children to use it as a toy, and do not allow able-bodied people to use it as an alternative to stairs. The more you take care of your RAM lift for your residential home, the longer it will be able to take care of you. Overusing the lift for the wrong reasons opens the opportunity for damage to the frame and controls.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Having your residential home lift serviced regularly will keep it running smoothly for your day-to-day use. We want to help you keep your machine from breaking or malfunctioning: and the best remedy for a broken machine is preventative maintenance.

At RAM we ask that all owners do a monthly inspection on their residential home lifts and contact us for an annual inspection that will be performed by one of our knowledgeable technicians. We keep a list of maintenance requirements online so that you know exactly what to check every month. If you have any questions or concerns about your residential home lift, don’t hesitate to call.

Remove Snow and Ice as Best You Can

Snow and ice pose a danger to anyone with mobility issues, but on top of this known danger it can cause issues with your residential home lift as well. RAM advises that everyone should be removing snow and ice from walking paths regardless of mobility, but people who are prone to slipping and falling should take extra care of their paths and lifts during the winter. If you are unable to remove snow and ice by yourself during the winter months, ask for help from a family, friend, or neighbor. Or, call a local snow removal team to take care of it for you. Removing the snow and ice will mitigate a potential hazard from your home as well as keep your residential home lift working properly.

Trust RAM Elevators + Lifts for Your Accessibility Needs

Gain back access to your home with RAM lifts for residential homes. The time from consultation to finished installation can be as little as a couple of days. We keep our install times as short as possible without compromising the integrity of your new lift because we understand that you need access to your home fast. If you are in need of accessibility solutions, contact RAM today or request a quote.


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