Managing Mobility Challenges with RAM Trus-T-Lifts

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Elevators, Lifts

A sudden loss of mobility is one of the most difficult experiences many people will have. If you or a loved one are currently experiencing mobility loss due to illness or injury, you’ve likely already experienced the wide range of emotions connected to disability. Many individuals understandably feel a sense of loss due to not being able to do the things they used to, having to rely more on others, or even difficulty entering and leaving their homes.

Adding an accessibility feature, such as a home elevator or lift, can provide individuals with practical solutions to the new challenges they’re facing, empowering them to freely move around their home and restore their sense of independence. With over 30 years of experience and expertise, RAM Elevators + Lifts proudly engineers reliable, affordable accessibility solutions for our customers across North America. Our residential Trus-T-Lift line of products provides indoor/outdoor accessibility that can be installed quickly and enjoyed for a lifetime. Learn more about the benefits of RAM Trus-T-Lifts below.

Easy Installation

RAM Trus-T-Lifts are designed for fast and easy installation in any indoor or outdoor space. RAM’s unique Smart Space Design features come together to provide a compact, versatile mobility solution while taking up as little as 25 sq. ft. of floor space. Unlike many products available today, RAM Trus-T-Lifts arrive in easy-to-move modular components. This means that our Trus-T-Lifts are easy to maneuver and install in your home, allowing you to get moving quickly and easily.

With-in/out same side, straight-through, and adjacent access options, RAM Trus-T-Lifts are engineered to integrate perfectly into existing spaces without requiring expensive renovations or home modifications. Best of all, Trus-T-Lifts are available in a complete range of colours and trims to complement your home in every way.

Effortless Mobility

RAM Trus-T-Lifts are available in configurations for travel distances between 2 and 14 vertical feet, with options available for three stops and other unique requirements. Our patented All-Electric Drive System provides powerful, whisper-quiet performance (without harsh smells from hydraulic fluids), while our Zero-Load Start technology ensures reliable startup in any temperature or weather conditions.

Trus-T-Lifts feature Soft Touch Paddle controls that are highly responsive and easy to operate, even with limited dexterity. They also come standard with a non-slip metal platform and high-sided enclosures for safety in any indoor or outdoor conditions. Finally, all Trus-T-Lift models can be fitted with a complete range of peripherals and accessories to meet every unique accessibility requirement.

Elevated Living, For Life

At RAM, we strive to make mobility easy and affordable for our customers in both the short and long term. Today, we focus on designing and delivering world-class lifts that are functional, durable, and ready to stand the test of time.

RAM Trus-T-Lifts are engineered to withstand the most extreme weather conditions while only requiring minimal maintenance. Even in the most challenging climates – including areas subject to flooding and extreme temperatures – Trus-T-Lift platform lifts deliver reliability, low maintenance costs, and dependable year-round mobility that outlast the competition. No matter your accessibility needs, you can rely on RAM to deliver top-quality accessibility solutions to keep you moving confidently for life.


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