New Elevator; Old Home

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Elevators

Installing a fully functional residential or commercial elevator in an existing space comes with challenges. As a contractor or homeowner looking to install an elevator in a low-rise building, you will find yourself undergoing lengthy, time-consuming, and costly construction periods. Hydraulic, winding drum and vacuum elevators are best suited for taller buildings as they require extreme construction, and constant maintenance and are high in cost.

For low-rise buildings, you should install pitless elevators that do not require almost any construction, constant maintenance, have a low footprint and are budget-friendly. We will discuss the advantages of pitless elevators below and why you should invest in them.

1. Low Construction 

As the owner of a vintage building built many years ago, the last thing you would want to do is excavate, tear down and rebuild walls to make them more accessible. Older buildings are beautifully sculpted and carry a lot of sentimental value, which is why most property owners dismiss the idea of an elevator, even though the need for accessible mobility is necessary.

To ensure the design and architecture of the building remain authentic, RAM Elevators + Lifts have engineered a series of pitless elevators and lifts to fit perfectly in any existing space. Our Smart Space Design allows us to provide you with the mobility solution you need with minimal modifications and construction. Our selection of the Stratus and the Crystal accommodate your needs for a fully functional elevating device without compromising the architectural design of your building.

2. Low Equipment Cost

RAM’s pitless elevators and lifts are designed and manufactured in North America. All our equipment is built in-house, lowering the cost of manufacturing and eliminating the cost of shipping parts from abroad. We are able to accommodate any design you desire at a lower price than our competition.

3. Low Footprint

Our talented engineers have designed our pitless elevators and lifts to integrate low footprints and compact sizing into their surroundings. Our products are easy to install with low site preparation needed, no matter the space. All our pitless elevators + lifts require minimal assembly and minimal space.

4. Low Maintenance

RAM’s proprietary all-electric drive system eliminates the need for machine rooms and hydraulic fluids for smooth operation. A machine room-less all-electricpitless elevator will give you the freedom to utilize your space as you see fit and eliminates the need for constant maintenance. With RAM’s pitless elevators + lifts, you won’t have to worry about harsh smells, fluid leakage or machine malfunctions.

Eliminate Extensive Construction with RAM

With RAM’s pitless elevators + lifts, you can install the mobility device you need while preserving the artistic architectural design of your building. We promise to do our best to provide you with the necessary mobility solutions that do not sacrifice the space or elegance of your building.

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