No Home Is Too Old For A Home Elevator

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Elevators

It’s a common misconception that older houses don’t have the capacity for installing elevators safely; however, RAM Elevators + Lifts integrate all the necessary safety precautions when manufacturing home elevators. All our home elevators are built with emergency features that maintain the safety of the passengers and the elevators. Read on to learn more about the safety of our home elevators!

Flood and Water Damage Emergency

Installing a home elevator is very beneficial for older homes that haven’t renovated their stairs or have members with limited mobility and are unable to take the stairs comfortably. Unfortunately, older homes are more prone to water damage and sometimes even flooding. This leaves homeowners with the question of whether or not they should install a home elevator, knowing that their home is likely to experience regular flooding. Will the elevator be damaged due to the flooding? Can the elevator withstand water damage?

Since RAM Elevators + Lifts manufactures and supplies home elevators throughout North America, we have specifically designed residential elevators that are less likely to be damaged from flooding. Unlike traditional elevators, where all the electrical machinery is placed in a designated machine room and is prone to water damage during a flood, RAM’s home elevators have all drive components mounted directly on top of the cars. This allows our customers to simply send the elevator to the top floor without worrying about water damage to the machines. No matter how old your home is, you can install any of our home elevators without worrying about flood damage.

Power Outage Emergency

During emergencies like power outages, getting stuck in an elevator can be pretty frightening, which is why RAM Elevators + Lifts have installed the following three levels of safety options that can automatically kick in during an electric outage:

  1. Passengers can pull on the emergency manual crank to lower the elevator while the battery backup lights up the car and activates the controls. This is a standard option in all our products.
  2. A backup battery can be installed to automatically run the motor in the downwards direction, lowering the elevator during a power outage. This is an optional feature that you can request with your home elevator.
  3. Another optional safety feature is installing a full battery that can run the motor with a full load of 40 cycles during a power outage.

With our 3 tier safety features, all passengers can safely reach the ground without worrying about getting stuck during an electrical outage. If for some reason, passengers find themselves unable to lower the elevator, they can press the emergency button installed in all our elevators. The button produces a loud alarm that can be heard by members in your home as well as neighbouring houses. Customers can also install a phone within home elevators to call 911 as an extra safety measure.

Children Safety

Homeowners often avoid installing a home elevator when children are in the house to eliminate the possibility of a child getting stuck alone in the elevator. A Key Lock can be installed outside of the elevator, allowing owners to lock and unlock the elevator and prevent children from using the elevator without the presence of an adult. This feature helps give parents ease of mind when leaving their kids to play around freely, without worrying about any elevator-related accidents.

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