Outdoor Home Elevator Suitable For All Homes

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Lifts, Elevators

Did you know that you can install an outdoor home mobility solution in any home, no matter the space you have on your property? One of the most challenging problems that homeowners face when looking to incorporate a mobility solution into their homes is finding adequate space. Many homes don’t have the space to build a porch ramp or install a stair lift. In fact, homeowners who have experienced a sudden change in their life and require a mobility device to access their homes often move out to find more accessible-friendly homes.

Instead of going through the hassle of finding the right home and moving your entire life around to accommodate your accessibility needs, you can install affordable, safe and weather-resistant outdoor access solutions. As a North American leader in home accessibility, RAM Elevators + Lifts proudly offers dependable and affordable solutions for all mobility challenges. Our Trus-T-Lift outdoor home lift provides independent access to your home without sacrificing space. Learn more about the benefits and features of RAM’s Trus-T-Lift below.

Unrivalled Performance

Our outdoor home lift offers homeowners reliability, performance and comfort at an affordable price. It’s essential for our customers to feel comfortable and safe using our Trus-T-Lift as it will become a part of their daily routine. We aim to provide customers across North America with superior performance and reliable access to make getting around safe and simple.

RAM’s Trus-T-Lift is built to ensure that passengers are safe in any weather conditions. Featuring a high-sided enclosure and a non-slip metal platform, the Trus-T-Lift is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. The Soft-Touch Paddle controls are easy to operate even with limited mobility, as they’re highly responsive. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we prioritize the customer’s safety and comfort and work closely with them to ensure that all their mobility needs are met.

Suitable For All Homes

Whether you’ve got a spacious front yard or a small porch, you can easily install RAM’s Trus-T-Lift. We believe that mobility solutions should be an integral part of any home, regardless of the space. Our outdoor home lift is engineered to require minimal space, minimal site preparation and minimal maintenance to offer homeowners the opportunity to install it anywhere in their homes.

If you’re looking for an outdoor mobility solution for travel distances between 2 and 14 vertical feet, the Trus-T-Lift is the ideal solution for you. Our three-part design allows for easy and fast installation, posing fewer assembly challenges than a bulky one-piece lift. We offer 28” and 52” TTL models that can be assembled and ready for use in as little as a day to ensure that homeowners receive the accessibility they need as soon as the lift is delivered. The Trus-T-Lift is easily integrated into almost any outdoor space as it only requires to be mounted to a wall, a power availability of a 15 amp 110V dedicated circuit no more than 8 feet away and a concrete pad that is typically 5ft x 5 ft. With minimal site preparation, you won’t have to sacrifice space or time to install a necessary outdoor home mobility device.

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