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by | Jun 24, 2022 | Lifts

If you or a loved one requires accessibility solutions for your outdoor space, you likely know about the wide variety of options available today. With all the products in today’s market, it can be hard to figure what you need, what you don’t, and what will ultimately be the right choice for you.

To help get you started, you’ll find four of the most important things to look for when choosing an outdoor lift for your property. Additionally, you’ll find more information about RAM’s Trus-T-Lift line of indoor/outdoor lifts, a reliable, affordable solution to any mobility requirements.

1. Elevation Height

First and foremost, your outdoor lift must get you where you need to be! When choosing the right mobility solution for your property, it’s vital to ensure that it has the correct travel distance for your needs. While this sounds simple in theory, design features of your property (such as sunken garages, elevated patios, balconies, and other unique elements) can make finding a suitable lift challenging.

RAM Trus-T-Lifts come in versatile configurations for travel distances between 2 and 14 vertical feet, with options available for three stops and other unique requirements. With Short Rise 28″ and 52″ TTL models available, homeowners are free to select the right lift for their needs, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride that makes mobility a breeze.

2. Space & Sizing

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face when installing an outdoor lift is finding an appropriate amount of space. Nobody wants to rip up their yard to make a lift fit. Still, many products on the market today feature outdated, bulky designs that require expensive landscaping and renovations to fit in your space. Homeowners need to be ready for these additional expenses or seek out innovative mobility solutions that can save space, time, and money.

RAM Trus-T-Lifts are designed for easy installation and integration into any existing outdoor space. RAM’s unique Smart Space Design features one of the smallest footprints available today, with Trus-T-Lifts taking up as little as 5′ X 5′ of space. Additionally, Trus-T-Lifts arrive in easy-to-move components for easy transportation and assembly. With in-out same side, straight-through, and adjacent access options, RAM Trus-T-Lifts are engineered to perfectly integrate into your existing space without taking up too much room themselves. Best of all, Trus-T-Lifts are available in a complete range of colours, trims, and handrails to complement your property while providing you with free movement.

3. Durability

No matter where you live, your outdoor lift is likely going to be exposed to the elements. A frigid winter, sweltering summer, or other inclement weather shouldn’t prevent you from moving freely around your property. Any outdoor lift must be able to withstand everything Mother Nature throws at it, providing safe, reliable mobility in any conditions.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, RAM Elevators + Lifts understand firsthand the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions. Our Trus-T-Lifts are engineered to provide dependable performance in any weather conditions. Our field-proven electric drive system offers powerful, discreet performance in outdoor applications while requiring minimal maintenance. Additionally, its patented zero-load start design protects the Trus-T-Lift motor from extreme cold and heat, ensuring reliable startup and use in any weather.

4. Comfort & Safety Features

Every mobility product is supposed to make travelling safer and easier for its user. However, every homeowner will have their own unique needs. When picking your outdoor lift, it’s essential to select a product that will make getting around comfortable and secure for you, with smart features that accommodate your mobility requirements.

RAM Trus-T-Lifts come standard with Oversized Soft Touch Controls for easy operation, even with limited dexterity. They are also available with push buttons, handrails, entrance safety devices, and other peripherals for unique accessibility needs. For emergency use, choose between manual crank or battery backup to ensure safety in any circumstance.

Mobility for Life with RAM

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, RAM Elevators + Lifts are a North American leader in mobility solutions. In addition to our Trus-T-Lift products, RAM proudly offers a complete range of residential elevators and lifts perfect for any home. With factory-direct sales and service and a trusted network of dealer partners across North America, RAM has a proven track record of delivering simple, reliable solutions that keep you moving with confidence.

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