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by | May 28, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

Aging in place is a beautiful option for people in Vancouver who are planning for the next few decades of their lives. Typically, when individuals get older and are ready to downsize, they begin looking for a home that they can stay in for the foreseeable future.

Are you in a home that you would love to age in but are having a tougher time getting around the home? Or maybe you see stairs and know that they’ll be an issue in a few years. If so, the solution is residential lifts! Keep reading to learn more.

The Benefits of Aging in Place

Aging in place is the preferable option for many people in Vancouver. The community you have built, the comfort you have made for yourself, and the neighbourhood you have grown accustomed to can all be there if you choose to age in place. On occasion, people buy a home with their future in mind. This can mean buying a bungalow with few stairs, an appropriate neighbourhood, and great amenities and transportation options nearby.

If your current home has floors that you already have decreased access to or anticipate having decreased access to in the near future, a RAM residential lift can turn your Vancouver home into a home you can stay in for years to come. Because having stairs doesn’t mean you have to move away from the home you have come to cherish. You can stay at home for as long as you choose when you have accessibility options.

Is Aging in Place Right for You?

If you’re attached to the idea of living in your Vancouver home as you age, that is a great option that many choose! Yet it’s important that you make sure this option is feasible for you long-term. Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you’re deciding about your future:

  • Will you have the support you need as you age in place?
  • Is your home completely accessible, or will you need a residential elevator?
  • Are you able to take care of housekeeping tasks on your own?
  • Do you have a community there?

With the exception of residential elevators, answering “yes” to these questions builds a solid foundation for aging in place. If your home has stairs, you may want to consider talking to RAM Elevators + Lifts about what residential accessibility products would work best for your situation.

For Homes Big or Small

RAM Elevators + Lifts builds custom residential elevators for any Vancouver home and makes it unique to each individual’s style. Our affordable residential lift option, the Vertical Platform Lift (VPL), is customizable to fit your home through different available sizes and styles. Choose from a variety of interior colours, lighting options and phone options.

There are many advantages to installing a VPL in your home—it’s not just for aging in place!

Achieve Your Vertical Potential with RAM

Being able to stay in your home with all the comforts and familiarity you have built within it is a luxury, and it is a luxury that RAM can make available for you. Contact our team or request a quote to get started.


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