Prolonging the Life of Your Wheelchair Lift: Don’t Do This

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Lifts

A lift in the home is an excellent way to make your home more accessible. It’s a wonderful technology that allows people with mobility problems to access places easily and safely, but such a tool should not be carelessly used. To prolong the life of your wheelchair lift, RAM Elevators + Lifts offers the following tips to keep your lift in prime condition for as long as possible. If you have any followup questions after reading this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t Move Furniture or Objects

It may seem convenient to move a heavy object on the wheelchair lift instead of trying to navigate it up or down the stairs, but that is not the intended use for the machine and can damage it. Though our wheelchair lifts can handle up to 750 lbs, it is not meant for moving bulky or heavy items. This act can potentially damage the lift and will render the warranty null and void. These are not meant for cargo moving, so please do not use it as such.

Don’t Play on It

Using a wheelchair lift as a children’s toy may seem like an obvious mistake, it is worth stating. Please do not let kids on or near a wheelchair lift without using it for its intended purpose. It may cause damage to the machine and may put the child at risk of injury, especially if left unattended.

Don’t Use It If You Can Walk Well

It may not be damaging to the machine to opt for a lift over walking up the stairs at the end of a long day, but by doing so you are unnecessarily causing extra wear and tear on your machine. If there are stairs or a working passenger elevator or escalator, people who can safely use them should leave the wheelchair lift for people who need to use it.

Quality Wheelchair Lifts for Indoor and Outdoor Use

RAM wheelchair lifts include key features such as our zero-load design which allows your wheelchair lift to start in extreme hot and cold conditions. It can be installed in your garage, porch, or inside your home and will function in any weather. We designed and patented Soft Touch Paddle controls to allow users to easily use the machine. We understand that pressure-sensitive buttons are difficult for some, and we aim to install an accessibility tool that fits all people with mobility issues.

Our experts can install your new wheelchair lift in a matter of days to give you the access to your home that you need in a short period of time, and we make sure to include the RAM Advantage for all of our lifts.

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