Providing Accessible Accessibility: The Social Implications

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Lifts

Life comes at you fast, and accidents can happen at any time. A member of your household could become paralyzed or unable to use the stairs safely. There are so many different reasons a client would need a lift installed in their home. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we understand the importance of having an accessible lift both in and outside the home for people with disabilities.

Who is RAM?

Having the ability to live comfortably in your own home shouldn’t come with a compromise. Driven by the idea of creating accessible technology, in 1987, RAM founder Richard Meunier put his engineering degree to work and designed the first iteration of the RAM Lift in his father’s garage. Meunier originally created the first lift as a solution to accessibility in Northern Alberta airports. Over thirty years later, we have perfected the design to fit residential and commercial accessibility needs.

RAM has always been ahead of the curve with our thoughtful, master-built elevators and lifts. RAM proudly overcomes accessibility hurdles by implementing forward-thinking and designing each product with meticulous attention to detail. Since 1987, RAM has been laser-focused on improving the world of accessibility in North America, one elevation device at a time.

Social Implications

Unfortunately, the world is not designed with disabilities in mind. Accessibility’s social implications of accessibility are best understood by the lack of accessibility. The effects of social exclusion in an inaccessible world lead to decreased mental health, increased social isolation, and heightened dependence on caregivers.

RAM proudly offers lifts that are made with superior quality at a fraction of the standard price because we understand that accessibility is a necessity, not a luxury. Low-income Albertans with mobility challenges can apply for home modification funding, which can assist with covering the cost of adding a vertical platform lift to your home.

Providing accessibility in the home is life-changing. Watch this video to hear directly from one of our clients about how installing a residential RAM elevator changed his life! When we work with clients like Joel, the team at RAM is reminded of the importance and value of the products we painstakingly create.

Home Lift Installation

RAM has designed the Residential Vertical Platform Lift to be a safe, quiet and compact mobility solution for both indoor and outdoor usage. When you install a home lift, you and your loved ones can travel comfortably between floors, and have the independence to access the garage, porch or deck at all times.

Depending on your needs, RAM lifts can be installed within a week of your initial consultation! Short towers with a rise of 52” or less can be installed within 1-2 days; tall towers with a rise higher than 52” typically take 4-5 days to install.

Reliable Communication

The team at RAM understands how vital accessibility is not only to live, but to thrive in your own home. Our team works hard to ensure as swift a turnaround as possible. We proudly offer incredible customer service. When you call our office, you’re talking to a real person. Our phones rarely go to voicemail because we understand how important and time-sensitive installing a mobility device is.

Realize your vertical potential, and give us a call to start planning for your tomorrow, today.


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