Residential Lifts For All Homes

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Lifts

The hunt for residential elevators + lifts can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re limited on time and on a tight budget. If you’re a homeowner considering a residential lift due to sudden mobility challenges, we have manufactured the solution for you. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, our goal is to make your home accessible to everyone, no matter the challenges.

We have manufactured the Trus-T-Lift to allow for a fully accessible home that is durable and affordable. Take a look below to see how RAM Elevators + Lifts is ready to provide you with a long-term money-saving option for your home.

Trust RAM 

Our founder and head engineer, Richard Meunier, created the initial design and manufacturing of our line of products. Richard Meunier has perfected the manufacturing process of RAM’s products to ensure that all future elevators are meticulously designed to provide your home with the accessibility you need at all times.

Rely on RAM

The Trus-T-Lift is engineered with all-year-round safety in mind. Designed with a non-slip metal platform, proprietary drive system and high-sided safety enclosure, the Trus-T-Lift keeps rides moving with confidence even in the most extreme conditions. No matter the temperature outside, rain, snow or extreme heat, the Trus-T-Lift is coated with a durable material that can stand all types of weather.

Whether you’re looking for in-between floor travel or access to decks, porches or garages, the Trus-T-Lift can be designed to fit any space. You no longer have to worry about power outages or electrical damage. Our Trus-T-Lift is equipped with two tiers of emergency auxiliary power to ensure smooth operation no matter the circumstance.

Save with RAM

Not all homes are equipped with indoor or outdoor elevators; however, our Trus-T-Lift does not require much space. Manufactured to provide ultimate accessibility around the home, the Trus-T-Lift can be custom-built to fit in any space around your home. The last thing you need to worry about is excavation or renovation when faced with mobility challenges, which is why our Trus-T-Lift is built to accommodate almost any space available. Free yourself from expensive construction costs by choosing the compact and easy-to-install Trus-T-Lift.

RAM Elevators + Lifts has become a trusted provider of high-performing home mobility solutions for all of North America since 1987. With factories and dealer partners all over North America, you can have your Trus-T-Lift installed within as little as two business days. We are just one phone call away from maintenance, repairs and replacements anywhere in North America.

Make Your Home Accessible With RAM

The Trus-T-Lift is built to make your outdoor or indoor travel safer, more accessible, and long-lasting. Request a quote today, or contact us to learn more about our residential elevators + lifts.


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