Residential Stratus: Luxury Small Elevators for Homes

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Elevators

While stairlifts are a viable option for people with mobility issues, these are not always the wisest decision. People with wheelchairs, for instance, need a way to travel from floor to floor without leaving their wheelchairs behind. RAM Elevators + Lifts designs small elevators for homes to allow for complete mobility around the home.

RAM small elevators for homes in North America come in three options:

  • Residential Vertical Platform Lift (outside friendly)
  • Residential Stratus
  • Residential Crystal

The Residential Stratus is the elevator option for people who are looking for accessibility to their home that can travel up to 14 feet. It has enough space for a wheelchair user and aide to ride together comfortably. Learn more about our luxury small elevators for homes below.


The Residential Stratus is a reliable small elevator for homes in North America looking for a tool to increase their accessibility around the home. Built on an all-electric drive, this elevator is powerful. Yet despite the power it harnesses, it still has a soft stop and start. This feature is especially important to our team, as most of our clientele is looking for an accessibility solution. We aim to alleviate as much stress as possible for our clients with mobility limitations through smooth and reliable access to their homes. Plus, we don’t use hydraulic fluids that give off harsh smells in your home.


Each RAM small elevator for homes is designed to be machine room-less so that our clients are not forced to decide between space and accessibility. The elevator is self-contained and compact, saving you money and space. All of our elevators require either no pit or a very limited pit to be constructed. RAM elevators are designed with you in mind: the construction needed for the elevator pit is minimal (around 2 inches) to avoid disturbance in your home as much as we can. Cars for the Residential Stratus come in small (36” x 48”), medium (40” x 54”), and large (40” x 60”). Talk to us about which car would fit in your home appropriately.


The door handles, lights, interior finishes, flooring, and even phone options are up to you. We have multiple interior finishes to match a variety of aesthetics to complement your home. RAM has made elevators with doors chosen to help the elevator blend into the rest of the home, covered elevators in beautiful tiles from floor to ceiling, and many other customizations for our valued clients. At RAM, we help our clients to make a small elevator for their home that suits them because it is not just an accessibility device but a conduit for a higher quality of life.

Luxury Elevators at Your Fingertips

When moving around the home becomes harrowing, RAM Elevators + Lifts can help. Our reliable elevators are built to reduce mobility issues in the home for every one of our clients. Contact us today to talk about which elevator is right for you.


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