Signs Your Home Lift Needs Maintenance

by | May 28, 2024 | Lifts

Home lifts can have a positive impact on increasing any home’s accessibility. Ramps are often inconvenient to allocate space for, and stairs can become dangerous for those with mobility issues. RAM Elevators + Lifts created the perfect alternative: Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs). Our home lifts use soft-touch paddle controls, which are more responsive and, therefore, more accessible for all clients to use than traditional press-and-hold buttons. As long as you keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance, your VPL should last you a long time. If you do happen to notice any of the following signs listed below, please contact RAM Elevators + Lifts as soon as possible for necessary maintenance and repairs.

New Sounds

Any uncommon noise in your home lift is a reason for alarm. Screeching and scraping noises are a clear indication that the product is in need of a technician’s support. Any form of new noise means that part of the home lift is not working properly, and waiting to have it looked into will do nothing but increase the problem.

Buttons Not Working Properly

If you press any of the buttons on the home lift and it is not responsive consistently or takes time to respond, it’s time for more than regular maintenance. Unresponsive buttons may seem like a small problem, but the issue may be bigger than what you can see.

Malfunctions in the Doors

Whether it’s a home lift or a home elevator, the doors should be secure until it is safe to enter and exit. Doors should never move while the home lift is in motion and they should only open when proceeding through the doors is safe. If this is not the case for your lift, schedule professional maintenance.

Speed Changing Noticeably

The VPL at RAM operates at a speed of 8ft per min. From speed to paddle design, each ride is designed to be as smooth and accessible as possible for the user. If you notice that the speed has changed or is inconsistent from use to use, the home lift should be looked at.

Ride Bumps or Jolts

The Vertical Platform Lift is designed to be a smooth way to transport yourself from one part of the home to another. A VPL that shakes, bumps or otherwise moves in a fashion that is not normal to the VPL should immediately be looked at by a technician.

Service Your Product from RAM Elevators + Lifts Today

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we suggest having regular maintenance on your home lift at least once a year. Always have a qualified professional take a look if you notice any irregularities in your home lift’s operation. The technicians at RAM Elevators + Lifts understand the intricate technology of our products and will do everything in their power to bring your home lift into working condition once again.

If you are in need of assistance with your home lift, contact us to get it up and running again. We will do our best to give you back complete accessibility into every area of your home as soon as possible.


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