Small Commercial Elevators: Why Do I Need One?

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

Even the smallest of commercial spaces deserve to have accessible pathways. RAM Elevators + Lifts is North America’s leading supplier of mobility solutions, with high-end products like the Commercial Crystal as well as more affordable products such as the Commercial Stratus. Are you in the market for accessibility that won’t force you to compromise on style? Keep reading about how our small commercial lifts can give your patrons access to your business.

Commercial Elevator vs. Commercial Lift

If you are in the market for a small commercial elevator fit for moving passengers, you are indeed looking for an elevator. Elevators have single-press buttons that will carry the passenger from one floor to another, usually allowing for vertical transportation to multiple floors.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a small commercial elevator to make accessibility for people with limited mobility, you are actually in search of a commercial lift. Lifts, as opposed to elevators, have a press-and-hold button to give users in need of accessibility solutions more control over their journey. RAM Elevators + Lifts makes solutions for business owners looking to make their commercial buildings more accessible. Small commercial elevators built for transporting the general public are not in our wheelhouse, but we can provide you with a beautiful and functional lift for any building size.

Why Your Commercial Business Needs a Small Lift

When stairs become a challenge to your customers, are you building value for this demographic or neglecting them? Installing a commercial lift that helps people with mobility limitations to access every area of your business can create lifelong customers who appreciate your attention to detail. In 2024, people value positive action that moves society forward over words of encouragement. If your business has yet to install accessibility solutions, this year is the time to show your patrons what you value. Further than just this, you open up your establishment to a wider customer base. For property owners, your building may see an increase in businesses interested in leasing from you. There are many reasons to bring in a commercial lift, and you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics to do so.

Features of the Commercial Crystal

The Commercial Crystal by RAM is distinctive mobility with style. Each Crystal Lift comes with the RAM Advantage, which includes features such as the all-electric drive system that mitigates the need for hydraulic fluid. No hydraulic fluids mean no harsh chemical smells, but it does mean a soft start and stop with a whisper-quiet ride in between. Your building would not need to go through invasive construction to make a deep pit for the commercial lift, as RAM products need a limited pit, with the option of no pit in exchange for a small 2” ramp for flush access. With the Commercial Crystal, you will not need to devote a room to the machine equipment needed to keep the lift running. Our lifts are fully self-contained.

Contact our team today about your small commercial elevator needs, and we will suggest the product that fits best with your space requirements. If you are ready to invest in the Commercial Crystal and completely customize it to your building’s style, request a quote from us today.


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