Small Elevators for Small Homes

by | May 31, 2023 | Elevators

Space is a key factor to consider when adding a home elevator. Unfortunately, homeowners might shy away from installing an essential accessibility device as many home elevators available in the market today occupy a significant area in the home, resulting in costly renovations that can affect your home’s layout and living space. Fortunately, RAM Elevators + Lifts have engineered space-saving small elevator offers for homes, saving you time and money on renovations while still providing ample room to enjoy all levels of your home.

Our elevators and lifts are engineered to last, providing reliable and comfortable mobility that empowers our customers to enjoy every part of their homes. Our primary goal is to allow homeowners to gain the accessibility they need without compromising space, which is why we specialize in compact and space-saving small elevators that are ideal for homes with limited space. Learn more about our small elevators for homes below!

Smart Space Design For Small Homes

RAM’s small elevators for homes utilize cutting-edge technology and engineering to ensure that our products can be seamlessly integrated into any space. Our home elevators are a smart investment for those looking for a long-term solution to their mobility needs.

One of the standout features of our small elevators for homes is their Smart Space Design. This unique approach combines machine room-less (MRL) technology with low overhead and limited/no pit requirements, making it simple and cost-effective to install the elevator into your home. Additionally, the low footprint of our small elevators allows you to save valuable space and avoid the disruption of chaotic and expensive construction.

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we understand that each home is unique. We design our small elevators with your specific needs and preferences in mind to ensure that all your unique requirements are met. Trust RAM to create a small elevator that not only meets your functional needs but also complements your home’s aesthetic.

Small Elevators At RAM Elevators + Lifts

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective small elevator solution for limited spaces, like bungalows and split levels, the Stratus elevator is a perfect choice. In addition to being affordable, the Stratus elevator comes equipped with Smart Space Design features that ensure easy and convenient access. The Stratus also comes in three practical sizing options and numerous finishing choices that allow homeowners to customize their accessibility device according to their needs.

The Crystal small elevator is an excellent option for those looking for a faster ride, greater vertical distance (up to four stories), and a range of customization options. This unique home elevator offers total customization, allowing you to design an elevator that perfectly suits your home aesthetic without compromising space or functionality. With its stunning design and easy integration, the Crystal Elevator will impress any homeowner. Like the Stratus elevator, the Crystal also incorporates Smart Space Design features that help save time, money, and space during the installation process. RAM Elevators + Lifts are proud to have collaborated with homeowners across North America to make their dream elevators come true!

Trust Our Home Elevators To Meet Your Accessibility Needs

RAM’s small elevators for homes are designed to offer accessibility in homes, no matter the space. We offer a variety of options and multiple features that are catered to your accessibility requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our small elevators for homes or request a quote!


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