The Benefits of Machine Room Less Elevators

by | Jun 27, 2021 | Elevators

Since 1987, RAM Elevators + Lifts has developed innovative, value-adding elevating products for homeowners across North America. We pride ourselves on engineering high-performance, long-lasting, reliable elevators and lifts that enhance our customers’ quality of life through effortless, comfortable mobility.

Today, our elevator and lift products all feature machine room-less (MRL) drive systems. Unlike outdated hydraulic and winding systems that require separate machine rooms (taking up valuable space in your home), RAM’s clean, compact, powerful systems deliver quiet, reliable performance, getting you moving without taking up any more space than necessary.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of RAM’s machine room-less elevators below.

Save Space

Elevators that require machine rooms need, well, room! Most residential hydraulic home elevators require a machine room at least 25 sq. ft. in size, if not larger. Additionally, electrical codes in most jurisdictions require substantial clearance around elevator machinery, making the room unusable for any other purpose, such as storage. Worst of all, harsh smells from hydraulic fluids can permeate your entire home.

A machine room-less elevator will give you the freedom to continue utilizing your space as you see fit without sacrificing storage, living space, or any other part of your home. Finally, a non-hydraulic MRL (like RAM’s line of residential products) won’t have the harsh smells from hydraulic fluids.

Save Money

Whether you’re retrofitting an elevator into an existing space or adding it into a new home, machine rooms require additional accommodations that ultimately lead to added costs. Even after the elevator is up and running, machine rooms require costly regular inspections and maintenance to keep your elevator in safe operating condition.

In contrast, machine room-less elevators require fewer changes to your home’s interior, generally requiring less work in the design and construction phases. Machine room-less elevators (especially those with RAM’s proprietary electric drive system) offer superior power efficiency compared to older elevator designs.

Save Time

The additional requirements of elevator machine rooms mean that design and construction phases can take extended periods of time. Depending on the scope of renovations required, this means that you may be spending long stretches unable to fully enjoy your home.

On the other hand, the right machine room-less elevator will be quick and easy to install, allowing you to get back to enjoying your entire home as quickly as possible. Particularly with designs tailored to your unique space, the wait to enjoy the freedom to move around your home has never been shorter.

Machine Room-Less Elevators with RAM

RAM’s line of residential home elevators are engineered for clean comfort and convenience. Our pitless, machine room-less designs save space, money, and time, all without sacrificing performance or longevity. RAM’s proprietary electric drive system offers reliable, whisper-quiet power without the maintenance, costs, and inconvenience of a machine room, while self-lubricating polymer guides keep your ride clean and quiet for decades to come.

Whether you’re looking for valuecomfort, or luxury in your home elevator, RAM’s comprehensive product range offers mobility solutions suitable for any home.


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