Trus-T-Lift: A Safe and Accessible Porch Lift

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Lifts

Many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more accessible to allow all family members to move freely without experiencing any mobility challenges. The most common debate is whether to install a porch lift or a porch ramp for easier and safer access to the house.

Before determining which is the best option for your home, there are several factors to consider. Read on to learn more about the different circumstances you might face and which option would be best.


It goes without saying that the first factor to keep in mind is how accessible a porch lift and porch ramp are for people with limited mobility. Those using electric wheelchairs would face fewer challenges with a porch ramp; however, those using manual wheelchairs, walking canes, or any form of mobility aid that requires manual movement will experience discomfort. Depending on the length of the ramp, most people with limited dexterity will feel tired after climbing the ramp and might feel unsafe when using a steep ramp to descend.

Installing a porch lift instead is a safer and more accessible option for all users with limited mobility. It does not require any physical strain from the user and is safer to use when ascending or descending from the porch. With a porch lift, users will have more secure access to their homes.


Unfortunately, not all homes have the room to build a porch ramp; however, our Trus-T-Lift can fit in almost any space on your porch. It can lift for vertical rises up to 14ft and can lift up to 750lbs capacity. You can even customize the platform size, increasing or decreasing the footprint and modify the stops to accommodate your needs. If you decide to move homes, you do not have to worry about building a new ramp; you can simply disassemble, transport and install your existing Trus-T-Lift in a matter of hours.

A porch ramp might seem like the more economical option for your home; however, it cannot guarantee safe transportation for your family members. Investing in a Trus-T-Lift will ensure accessibility, functionality and safety with every ride.

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