Understanding Commercial Lift Costs with RAM

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Lifts, Elevators

Whether you’re a building owner, architect, or contractor, budget is critical when incorporating accessibility into a commercial property. The ideal solution will provide individuals with an elegant way to access all parts of your property; however, many commercial elevators or lifts are prohibitively expensive in both the short and long term. Between the equipment itself, construction and installation, and ongoing maintenance costs, many elevators and lifts (especially older, outdated models) can be a significant financial burden on property owners.

Fortunately for consumers, modern engineering has provided cost-effective alternatives to traditional commercial mobility products. RAM Elevators + Lifts is at the forefront of mobility innovation in North America, engineering and manufacturing top-quality commercial lifts suitable for any requirement or budget. Learn more about how RAM commercial products are engineered to add value and control costs for property owners below.

Low Equipment Costs Without Sacrifice

The first expense many people encounter when considering accessibility features is equipment cost. If you’re looking at traditional commercial elevators (such as those offered by our competition), this can result in severe sticker shock! A typical two-storey commercial elevator can cost as much as $150,000, making it an enormous investment for many property owners.

RAM’s innovative engineering and design help lessen the financial burden of adding mobility solutions to your property. Our lifts can cost as little as a third of the average price of a traditional commercial elevator, all without sacrificing quality, craftsmanship, or code compliance. Our innovative machine room-less electric traction drive system is more reliable and less costly to manufacture than traditional hydraulic or chain-drum elevating systems, delivering world-class performance at a fraction of the price. RAM commercial lifts are available with standard fire-rated doors, emergency backup systems, and a host of peripherals and accessories, ensuring property owners can have exceptional value while delivering an exceptional mobility experience for their guests.

Fast, Easy Installation Through Smart Space Design

Depending on a space’s requirements and restrictions, installation costs can quickly surpass equipment costs when adding accessibility features. Pit excavation, ceiling restructuring, layout redesigns to accommodate bulky machinery, and other expensive building modifications can make accessibility for everyone seem impossible.

RAM commercial lifts incorporate Smart Space Design principles that make adding mobility solutions easier and more affordable than ever. These features include:

  • Machine Room-Less (MRL) design.
  • Proprietary All-Electric Drive System
  • Minimal Overhead Clearance Requirements
  • Shallow Pit requirements (pitless configurations with 3″ ramp available)

Backed by over three decades of continual innovation and refinement, RAM commercial lifts are among the most compact on the market today, perfect for both new spaces and retrofitting. With fast and easy installation with minimal renovations, RAM provides mobility solutions that fit perfectly with your vision for an elevated experience, no matter the space or budget requirements.

Minimal Maintenance Through Superior Engineering

Ongoing maintenance costs are a critical consideration for any property. Every accessibility solution will require maintenance over its lifetime. However, a product engineered with long-term durability in mind represents a better investment for property owners. You’ll spend less money servicing your lift, and your guests will spend less time without the accessibility they need.

RAM commercial products come standard with a host of features designed to save property owners on maintenance costs. Our field-proven all-electric traction drive system offers best-in-class performance and durability, while self-lubricating polymers on guiding surfaces keep your ride smooth and quiet for life. When the time comes for routine maintenance and inspection, our expert technicians are ready to provide complete support for your commercial lift, ensuring you get the most out of your investment for decades to come.

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