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by | Jan 7, 2022 | Lifts, Elevators

RAM Elevators + Lifts is the perfect source for modern, stylish elevators that are made with quality performance in mind. With the Stratus and the Crystal series elevators, homeowners have access to two affordable, stylish elevating devices that suit any modern home.

RAM Elevators + Lifts is proud to have manufactured in-home elevators since 1987, making sure to bring the best accessibility solutions possible. Our specialization in low-rise technology has made us experts in mobility. With the most innovative technology and the best in design, our devices make a great addition to any home. Read on to learn more about RAM Elevators + Lifts’ modern home elevators.

The Stratus Series

Home elevators are not only accessibility solutions, they are an asset. The Stratus is the perfect elevating device to ensure safety and accessibility for any new home plans or retrofits. This elevator adapts to your space, fitting in seamlessly. Thanks to the innovative all-electric drive system, this elevator does not run on hydraulic fluid. Instead, you can enjoy a robust elevating device without any of the harsh smells or noise that come with conventional hydraulic elevators.

The Stratus is also built with Smart Space Design at the forefront. Smart Space Design ensures that the elevator has all of the most modern, innovative features available. With the application of Smart Space Design, our elevating devices are adaptive and offer an impressive combination of machine room-less (MRL), limited/no pit required features.

With MRL technology, you get an elevator that does not require a separate room for machinery. Instead, the Stratus features built in technology that allows it to run smoothly, without requiring a separate room to accommodate extra machinery.

Limited/no pit requirements mean that you save on construction costs. Instead of having to install a pit to accommodate the elevator’s size, you can use a simple 2” ramp for easy access. This also means that any disruption is kept to a minimum during installation.

The Crystal Series

For those looking for a modern, stylish elevating device that brings effortless luxury to their home, the RAM Crystal series is the best pick. This timeless elevator is fully customizable. Everything from the trim to the car size is adaptable to your vision. With the Crystal series, you get the best in technology and in style. Achieve your best accessibility by bringing the modern, gorgeous Crystal series elevator into your home.

In addition to the Smart Space Design features mentioned in the Stratus series, the Crystal series includes a few other features, like the impressive fully counterbalanced traction drive. This money-saving feature reduced your energy bill by 50%. The Crystal series also includes low overhead clearance, as the elevator is able to mount perfectly to any standard 96” ceiling.


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