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by | Aug 24, 2021 | Elevators, Lifts

Accessibility features in low-rise commercial spaces add value for everyone. In addition to maintaining compliance with current building codes, modern accessibility lifts can increase the market value of any property while ensuring every customer, client, and worker can safely and easily get where they need to be.

Over the last 30 years, RAM Elevators + Lifts has become a North American leader in commercial low-rise accessibility products. Today, our Trus-T-Lift line of platform lifts provides simple, versatile mobility to any indoor or outdoor commercial space. Discover the benefits of our commercial Trus-T-Lifts below.

Fully-Compliant Accessibility Solutions

Over the last three decades, RAM has learned that every commercial property is unique, requiring equally unique mobility solutions. We also understand that every jurisdiction has specific requirements depending on building codes, legislation, and other factors. Our sales and manufacturing team, along with our network of trusted dealer partners, has extensive experience manufacturing and distributing 100% compliant commercial lifts across North America. We are ready to work with you to find the right mobility solution for your area’s requirements and challenges.

Trus-T-Lifts are the ideal solution for travel distances between 2 and 14 vertical feet. They are available in a complete range of configurations, including customizable access points, platform sizes, colours, trim, doors/gates, and handrails tailored to your space’s unique needs. We also offer a wide array of peripherals and accessories to ensure your lift meets the needs of its users.

Easy Installation to Keep You Moving

Unlike many commercial lifts on the market today, RAM Trus-T-Lifts are engineered to save space, time, and money throughout their entire operating life. Our Smart Space Design principles ensure that our compact, versatile commercial lifts meet the needs of your patrons while minimizing disruption to the rest of your property.

Trus-T-Lifts come in a three-part modular design that can be moved and installed quickly and easily. Unlike other products that arrive fully assembled, RAM Trus-T-Lifts are designed to be transported and installed with minimal time and effort, with Short Rise 28″ models requiring mere hours to install and be put into operation. Both the Short Rise 28″ & 52″ TTL models feature a pitless design for minimal site preparation. Its compact construction can fit in spaces as small as 5′ X 5′, providing versatile accessibility solutions in any open or closed environment.

Reliable Performance, Unmatched Comfort

Like all RAM products, commercial Trus-T-Lifts are designed to provide superior performance and operation. We engineer and manufacture our lifts to offer not only the best possible user experience, but also reliability that property owners can depend on for years to come.

The Trus-T-Lift’s Soft Touch Paddle controls are both easy to use and highly responsive, allowing users to operate the lift with total comfort. Our proprietary All-Electric Drive System delivers powerful, reliable performance with minimal upkeep (and associated costs). Finally, our patented Zero-Load Start Design protects the Trus-T-Lift motor from extreme weather and temperatures, ensuring reliable startup and use in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Backed by an extensive warranty, RAM Trus-T-Lifts are engineered to perform in the most demanding conditions. From high-traffic commercial properties to demanding outdoor conditions – including areas subject to flooding and extreme temperatures – Trus-T-Lift platform lifts are built for unrivalled reliability and value for property owners and users alike.

With a comprehensive range of commercial products, no accessibility challenge is too big or too small for RAM’s complete solutions. No matter what your property needs, you can count on RAM to deliver versatile solutions that keep you moving with confidence.


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