What Does A “Pitless” Lift Mean?

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Lifts

In your research of accessibility options, you may have encountered the term “pitless” lifts. But what does that mean? Or maybe you’re just now learning about this new concept—which is possible, as it is by RAM Elevators + Lifts’ innovative technology that pitless lifts exist for mobility use. Read on to learn about what a pitless lift is, and if it could benefit you.

What Is a “Pitless” Lift?

The average lift requires breaking concrete in your already-finished home, where our superior technology requires only making a 2-inch pad for it to rest on. While creating the typical 12-inch pit is not destabilizing for your home, it takes extra time and money. It is much more efficient and convenient to insert a “pit” less than 3 inches deep than one four times as deep.

You might wonder if this means sacrificing safety or functionality if you don’t need a pit for your lift. Our expert technicians will assure you that you are not sacrificing safety, speed or load size by going with a pitless lift. In addition, RAM pitless lifts are safe indoors and outdoors, in all weather, and for anyone who requires mobility services.

Who are Pitless Lifts For?

Pitless lifts are suitable for anyone with mobility issues. Never use your lift for passengers or freight; accessibility lifts are only made for people with mobility issues. Within that demographic, any users can fit. We make sure wheelchairs can fit comfortably in any of our pitless lifts, along with canes, walkers, and more.

If your home’s stairs have become unmanageable to use on a daily basis, RAM can help you overcome that barrier with affordable pitless lifts. Slips and falls are common, and we want to help you avoid them as much as possible. Our lifts are trustworthy and safe so that you do not have to feel barred in your home ever again. Plus, this will ultimately increase your property’s value!

Why Choose RAM’s Pitless Lifts?

RAM Elevators + Lifts has unique technology that allows us to install customizable luxury lifts inside the house, in the garage, or outside. We will work with you to tailor the look of your lift to be as desirable to you as possible by offering customizable looks for you to choose from. Each lift comes with multiple safety features including, but not limited to, weather preventative measures. With RAM’s pitless lifts, there is no more worrying about the snow or rain affecting your ability to enter or exit your home, because our home lifts are built with anti-slip metal and other weatherproofing material.

Construction-Friendly Lifts for Your Home

Choosing how to live your life shouldn’t be a compromise. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we understand how a disability can compromise the safety and comfort you have in your home. That’s why we insist on coming to you for a consultation and install home lifts in days rather than weeks or months. RAM would love to hear from you—we rarely let our calls go to voicemail. Give us a ring today to learn more about how a RAM lift can benefit your quality of life.


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