What is a LULA Elevator?

by | Jun 27, 2021 | Elevators

If you’re a building owner looking to make your properties more accessible, you’ve likely considered a host of mobility options, including lifts, elevators, and other potential features. In the United States, many of these building improvements are mandated and regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA lists regulations for a wide variety of accessibility features, including LULA elevators. But what exactly is a LULA elevator?

As a North American leader in low-rise commercial and residential accessibility, RAM Elevators + Lifts has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing mobility solutions for a complete range of applications. Learn more about LULA elevators below, as well as how RAM Traction LULA Elevators provide superior performance and value in commercial properties.

All About LULA

LULA stands for Limited Use/Limited Application. A LULA elevator is effectively a cross between a commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. While they may look and operate like regular elevators, a LULA’s sole function is to provide accessibility for mobility-limited patrons of a building.

Unlike other commercial elevators, LULAs are highly regulated in terms of their design and performance capabilities to meet standards set out by ASME code and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These specifications, written into law in 1990, include:

  • Maximum vertical travel of 25 ft.
  • Maximum speed of 30 ft./min.
  • Maximum car size of 18 sq. ft.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 1400 lbs.

The Benefits of LULA Elevators

The key benefit of LULA elevators is that they look and feel like a traditional elevator while being substantially less expensive. Additionally, because the specifications are clearly defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and ASME code, you can rest assured that your elevator will be fully compliant with all applicable codes and specifications.

Additionally, LULAs are significantly less expensive than many commercial elevators in both the short and long term. For this reason, many building owners view LULAs as sound long-term investments into their properties.

LULA Elevators with RAM

Even though they are highly regulated, not all LULA elevators are created equal. Building owners still need to consider build quality, performance, and ROI when selecting an elevator provider. The right LULA elevators will provide your patrons with easy, convenient mobility solutions while providing you with low installation and maintenance costs and exceptional long-term value.

A true hybrid between a commercial elevator and a lift, RAM’s Traction LULA Elevator is ideal for low-rise buildings where full-sized passenger elevators are impractical. Featuring a proprietary overhead All-Electric Drive System, a unique space-saving Machine-Room-Less design, self-lubricating components, and superior craftsmanship and build quality, RAM Traction LULA elevators offer exceptional performance and unrivalled value in any commercial space.


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