When to Install A Modern Home Elevator 2023

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Elevators

It’s hard to know when it is the right moment to invest in a modern home elevator. And while RAM Elevators + Lifts can install your elevator in less than a few weeks, the trouble is knowing when its time to finally bite the bullet and get it done. Below are some indicators that it might be time for you to increase your quality of life with a modern home elevator. Keep reading to see if it’s time to give us a call.

You Feel Confined to the Main Floor

Do you avoid going to different floors of your home because of stairs? Have you adapted your habits so you never have to climb stairs in your home? Do you have a walking aid? These are key indicators that you will live a better life with a modern elevator in your home.

A home elevator can give you back access to your whole home, as you deserve. Your home should be completely comfortable and accessible to you. Our RAM modern home elevators are the solution to your accessibility needs. RAM elevators are fit for any home, no matter how small or awkwardly shaped. Plus, we allow our clients to customize their elevator to fit their home through a range of finishes, door styles and lighting options. The sky’s the limit to create your very own modern home elevator.

You Have a New or Existing Disability

Often hospitals will not discharge patients with new mobility issues until they know that you have accessibility solutions in your home. Many residential elevator companies will take weeks, if not months, to complete an installation. RAM Elevators + Lifts will complete your elevator installation in less than 2 weeks. Fast turnaround times mean you can get home sooner and back into a familiar environment that is comfortable for you.

Let us come to you for the initial consultation. We understand that finding the right accessibility tools can be stressful, and want to help make the process as straightforward for you as possible.

You Are Planning to Age in Place

Are you planning to stay in your current home as you age? Investing in an elevator now will make mobility around your home easier as you age. Don’t wait until moving around the home, stepping into the garage, or going down the porch steps feels monumental. It can be more inconvenient to have construction in your home when your ability to move around the home is already limited. RAM advises anyone planning to age in place to start now with making your home accessible.

Accessibility is a necessity, not a luxury. We design our elevators to be fully functional with safety features that prevent accidents such as trapping the user inside during a power outage or allowing children to use the elevator without an adult present. Contact us to learn more about our safety features.

Modern Elevators for Your Home

You don’t need to compromise on your way of living. A modern elevator can help you get where you need to go, bringing back the feelings of safety and relaxation in your home. Contact RAM Elevators + Lifts today and we will come to you for a consultation.


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