Where Luxury Meets Accessibility: RAM’s Residential Crystal Elevator

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Elevators, Lifts

Ten or fifteen years ago, luxury home builders stood out by offering valuable home additions like a fully finished home theatre, or a sauna and hot tub to beat the Western Canadian winters. These additions set the difference between a luxury home builder versus a typical cookie-cutter builder.

These previously rare and exotic additions are now commonplace in 2023. They have become the standard for luxury homes in the Edmonton area. It’s time for builders to look in different directions to set themselves apart, but what can they offer to differentiate from the competition?

The answer is simple. Installing highly customized elevators and lifts that seamlessly blend into the home, like the RAM Residential Crystal Elevator, adds incredible value because accessibility is timeless and will never fall out of style.

RAM works with a number of boutique custom home builders for our Edmonton clients that are looking to build beautiful, forward-thinking homes that are uniquely designed and built to suit their family’s needs. Clients love working with RAM because of our attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Future Proofing

When a home buyer is looking to invest in a brand-new luxury home built from the ground up to their exact specification, they want the absolute best return for their money. This is a home that will, ideally, stay in their family for generations to come.

Grand, dramatic staircases are beautiful to look at and an incredible statement, to be sure. But what happens when the owners and house inhabitants begin to age or have an accident that leaves them with mobility issues? Those beautiful, winding stairs become a hazard rather than a selling point.

Future proof for your tomorrow, today. With the Residential Crystal elevator, almost any customization is possible. RAM can make your wildest design dreams a reality as long as the elevator meets provincial safety standards and codes. Permitting safety is maintained; the world is their oyster for customized finishings.

Value Addition

If a client is building their new luxury home from the ground up, it only makes sense that the elevator is treated with the same level of care and consideration as the rest of the home. From the carriage interior to the outer finishings, the Crystal elevator is an extension of the home design that should be shown off, not hidden.

Elevators add remarkable value to homes because accessibility never goes out of style. The trend of saunas and theatres come and go, but accessible home features will always be used. Installing a luxury home elevator increases the home’s resale value by at least 10%, which is a fantastic return on investment.

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Whether you’re a homeowner or a builder, RAM Elevators + Lifts is the elevation company you should work with for all things regarding luxury elevation and accessibility.

Providing accessible accessibility is at the very core of what RAM stands for. With unparalleled advancements in product design, flexibility and simplicity, our products live at the nexus of function and aesthetics for barrier-free living.

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