Where to Fit Your Commercial Lift

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Lifts, Elevators

Knowing your business could benefit from a mobility device like the ones RAM Elevators + Lifts provides is one thing. Finding the right location, especially in smaller layouts, is another. Our technicians have seen commercial lifts installed on building exteriors, in place of storage closets, and more. Let us analyze your building’s blueprints to help locate a space for your commercial lift.

RAM Elevators + Lifts is North America’s most advanced elevator and lift manufacturer. RAM has been helping businesses become mobility-friendly for over 30 years and has perfected the balance between functionality and beauty. With our commercial lift installation services, you can make your business more accessible, increasing property value and your client base all in one.

What Is the Difference Between A Commercial Elevator And A Commercial Lift?

If you are looking for a passenger vehicle, an elevator is what you are looking for. Elevators are not mobility devices, though. Going through with a commercial elevator installation will not give your business the accessibility you are aiming for. The term “elevator” refers to vertically moving cars that require a single press of a button, which is often small. These usually require a deep pit to be constructed and a machine room made when you book a commercial elevator installation with other companies.

A “lift” requires constant pressure on the buttons to promote user control. These buttons are large, soft-touch paddles that allow for comfortable mobility. RAM has designed commercial lifts that have safety built into every corner and are self-contained. No pit or machine room is required—this is something that you will only find with RAM Elevators + Lifts products. Often, when someone comes to us looking for a commercial elevator installation, what they really want is a commercial lift.

Where to Put Your Commercial Lift

If you aren’t sure where a lift would fit in your space, contact our team. We have never had a client where we couldn’t find a location for the accessibility device they needed. Our commercial lifts come in a range of sizes, allowing us to find the option that works best for you.

Sometimes, a commercial property will have storage or space stacked above one another. Closets that appear in the same location on the lower floor and the upper floor are the best spots to install elevators, as there will not be as much shifting of plumbing and electrical wires. That being said, it is always possible to reconfigure the electrical and plumbing to accommodate for the commercial lift. We would love to help make your business a more accessible place for everyone.

For over 30 years, RAM Elevators + Lifts has been providing mobility solutions to residences and businesses alike. With RAM, you never have to decide between mobility and luxury. Each of our products is fully customizable and comes with the RAM Advantage. Read more about our Commercial Crystal and Commercial Stratus on our website, or reach out and talk to us today at (780) 484-4776.


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