Why Outdoor Lifts Need to be Weatherproof

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Lifts

The weather fluctuations in Canada are so vast that having an outdoor lift can seem like a dangerous and costly investment. Snow, ice, hail and rain can seem like extraordinary factors that may damage your accessibility elevator. These concerns are common when considering implementing any motorized outdoor equipment.

If you are looking for an outdoor elevator for your home, consider investing in RAM’s outdoor lift. While it doesn’t have a single-press button, the lift is better for short distances and can have look and feel of an outdoor elevator “car.” IF you have any questions about the difference between outdoor lifts and outdoor elevators, read more about it on our blog.

While the weather may impact how smoothly your RAM outdoor elevator performs from season to season, each of our elevators is built to endure even harsh Canadian weather conditions. Read on about how we weather-protect our outdoor lifts below.

Why Weatherproofing Benefits Your Lift

RAM Elevators + Lifts considers outdoor conditions when designing our Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs) and other products. One of our primary goals is to provide safe accessibility alternatives for physically disabled people, no matter the weather conditions. Using an outdoor lift should not cause fear or worry for users. Opting for an elevator that uses safety features based on the weather in your area will give you more peace of mind when travelling in and out of the home.

Winters don’t need to have a hold on your schedule. Using a weather-resistant outdoor lift will give you more freedom that is not dependent on the conditions outside. In extension, our waterproofing features help elongate the lifespan of each outdoor elevator. Waterproofing functions, such as the waterproof box that encases the motor, provide a barrier against rain and snow year-round. More weather protection for your elevator means less maintenance needed to keep your elevator in pristine condition.

How We Winterize Our Outdoor Elevators

From top to bottom, we ensure that the lift you use has recognizable safety features that are simple to use in order to prevent accidents from happening during unfavourable Canadian weather. We’ve designed the floors of each VPL to be coated with a non-stick coating for further grip. In rain or shine, your feet and mobility devices should not lose footing while in the elevator. RAM has coded each outdoor elevator to run the motor for a couple of seconds prior to moving, engaging and warming the machinery before use.

As stated above, the motor and key are protected in a sealed box to keep off the elements. You are free to use the VPL while it rains—there is no hazard of electrocution or of motor damage. Should it become flooded, do not worry about it causing damage to the equipment. We have designed the elevators to withstand holding water for periods of time, as we do not expect our clients to cover the car to prevent rain from touching it.

Accessibility Redefined: RAM Elevators + Lifts

Reclaim your home this season and give yourself the freedom to move around. RAM Elevators + Lifts create custom accessibility elevators and lifts for residential homes. When you find you’re cut off from accessing areas of your home, RAM VPLs can give you that access back. Contact our team to talk about how our products can increase your quality of life.


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