Why You Need a RAM LULA To Get Your Best Access

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Lifts, Elevators

The RAM Traction LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) Elevator is our premier commercial elevator. The RAM LULA is ideal for both existing and new low-rise buildings and complies with all ASME A17.1/ CSA B44 Safety Standards when properly equipped and installed. This ASME code-regulated product borrows its name from the code. This elevator boasts a travel capacity of 25 feet, an 18 square feet perimeter and a travel speed of 30 feet per minute.

With their Smart Space Design, these elevators can fit into your building with ease and provide a perfect alternative to the standard passenger elevator. With the RAM LULA, you save money on:


The RAM LULA requires less overhead clearance than the regular traction elevator. Less overhead clearance means less renovation during construction and more money in your pocket.

Though the RAM LULA elevator does require a limited pit of 12 inches, our technology allows you to worry less about overhead. This makes the RAM LULA the perfect mobility solution for retrofit spaces, promising a more seamless integration with its low overhead requirement.

The RAM LULA’s innovative Smart Space Design ensures seamless integration into your building. If you choose to sell your building in the future, you get to reap the benefits of this perfectly retrofitted elevator by enjoying the value-added bonus.


Since RAM LULA elevators do not require the same amount of inspection as typical commercial elevators or lifts, you save on long-term maintenance costs. With the standard commercial passenger elevator, you would be faced with monthly inspection requirements. With the RAM LULA elevator, your building only needs to be inspected quarterly.

But it doesn’t stop there. A key benefit of the RAM LULA elevator is that you save money long term. Due to the RAM LULA’s counterweight design, this elevator uses less energy than an alternative passenger elevator. The RAM LULA cuts the average commercial elevator’s energy usage in half, saving you money on energy costs with every trip.


The RAM LULA elevator does not require any additional machinery to work. Instead, you get an elevator equipped with geared traction drive that works independently to bring you the best high-rise technology for low-rise use.


Since the RAM LULA elevator does not require added machinery, it is also machine-room less, which is great for spaces that cannot accommodate the standard machine room required with hydraulic elevators. As a machine-room less elevator, you can sit back and let the RAM LULA do its job. You can skip the hassle of installing fire-rated doors for that room or paying for secure locks.

Because of its low footprint, this elevator is an excellent option for all types of low-rise commercial buildings looking for a well-integrated elevator that does not take up too much space.

With low equipment, installation, maintenance and construction costs, the RAM LULA elevator is the perfect option for those looking for a commercial elevator that doesn’t break the bank.


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