Bring Luxury Into Your Commercial Space With the Elegant Crystal Lift

by | Dec 24, 2021 | Lifts, Elevators

Are you looking to include an accessible alternative to stairs for your building? Nervous about integrating an elevating device that lacks your building’s personal touches? RAM Elevators + Lifts has the solution for you.

With its fully customizable interior and exterior, RAM Advantage features, Small Space Design, and long-term return on investment benefits, the elegant and functional Crystal lift is a stand-out addition to any space.

Fully Customizable

Our commercial Crystal lifts are fully customizable. Your taste and vision are important to us, and we want to help you see it through. The Crystal lift allows you to truly make your lift feel like a part of your space.

You get to choose from different travel, door, size, lighting, and car finishes for your very own lift. Looking for a more modern, rustic, or contemporary look for your space? We can make that happen for you. Make your elevating device an extension of your space with the Crystal by enjoying a catalogue of options that complement your unique style and reflect your vision for your building.

Smart Space Design

Enjoy the benefits of the RAM Advantage with your Crystal lift. The Crystal lift is engineered with Smart Space Design in mind. The Crystal is a machine room-less (MRL) product, has an innovative all-electric drive system, and requires no pit, making it cost-efficient and extremely reliable.

By giving you an elevating device that works without additional machinery, you get to skip the hassle of storing essential machinery in a fire-rated and locked machine room. With the Crystal, you can avoid paying for the additional costs of maintaining a separate machine room.

With our all-electric drive system, we give you access to a non-disruptive system that operates quietly and efficiently. This technology is robust and frees you from dealing with the harsh chemical smell of hydraulic elevators.

With our no pit required featured, it’s all about making sure you are saved from the burden of complicated construction and expensive fees. No one wants to have to deal with digging a pit to accommodate their elevating device. Instead, you get a ramp that gives easy access to your Crystal lift. No pit, no problem!


All of these incredible features come at an affordable price tag. Commercial passenger elevators typically cost three times the amount of the Crystal lift. The commercial Crystal lift gives you a better return on investment (ROI) while also promising you the best technology and integration for your building.

Long-Term ROI

Not only do you save when you purchase, but you also get a long-term ROI on operational costs with the commercial Crystal lift. Also, maintenance and inspection requirements for the Crystal commercial elevator are considerably less. In contrast, the standard commercial passenger elevator requires monthly inspection, which can be costly and time-consuming. With fewer maintenance and inspection requirements, you can avoid adding another to-do on your list.

No matter what your commercial space requires, RAM provides a wide array of products and accessories to meet your needs. Our Stratus lift and our Trus-T-Lift, and our LULA elevator are three great alternatives to the Crystal lift.

Bringing accessibility into your building doesn’t have to mean burdening yourself with expenses or compromising on your style. With the commercial Crystal lift, you get the luxury you deserve at a great price.

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