Commercial Exterior Elevators and Lifts at RAM

by | May 28, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

It’s becoming increasingly common to see exterior commercial elevators and lifts installed in businesses. When installed on the exterior, commercial elevators and lifts save from taking up extra space. Businesses thinking about purchasing a commercial elevator should know the difference between lifts and elevators and their appropriate uses. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we build lifts for commercial buildings looking to make their business more accessible. To make the right choice for your building’s mobility solutions, read more about lifts and elevators below.

Difference Between Elevators and Lifts

Commercial elevators, exterior and interior, are made to transport people in groups from one floor to another. Commercial lifts, however, have been designed specifically and exclusively for people with mobility issues. While we do provide residential elevators, RAM focuses on creating accessibility in businesses. That’s why, instead of the features a commercial exterior elevator will commonly have, our lifts are safer and more convenient for users. RAM’s Commercial Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) works flawlessly as an exterior lift thanks to its zero-load start design that keeps it running even in extremely cold weather. Unlike an elevator, a commercial lift comes with soft touch paddles that are oversized and responsive to allow ease of access for users. These paddles require constant pressure, whereas a commercial exterior elevator does not. This is the main difference between elevators and lifts, as both elevators and lifts can be wholly enclosed cars.

RAM’s Commercial Vertical Platform Lift

RAM’s Commercial VPL is the perfect fit for businesses looking to install an exterior commercial elevator. With weatherproofing that can survive the tough winters and heat of the summer, your business can have accessibility anywhere. The interior finishes are completely up to you, and there are multiple options for entry and exit points available to choose from. To make the ride as smooth as possible, we use an all-electric drive system and other machinery to produce a soft start and stop. The VPL never comes with harsh chemical smells, as it does not use hydraulic fluid. Installing the exterior lift is less invasive than a traditional commercial exterior elevator: for all of RAM’s lifts, there is never a deep pit or machine room required. You can choose between RAM’s pitless lift option or create a small 2” pit to ensure flush access.

Trust RAM for Accessible Home Elevators

For 37 years, RAM has been investing in the accessibility of businesses and residences alike. We believe that creating mobility aids where needed will make the world a better place for everyone. If your business has yet to install a commercial lift for the building, it’s never too late. When you are ready to install an accessibility solution that is a step up from commercial exterior elevators, contact RAM Elevators + Lifts and ask about our commercial Vertical Platform Lift. We’d love to answer your questions and draw up a quote for you. Or, visit us in Vancouver and tour our showroom! Inquire for more details.


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