Do You Have The Space For A Mobility Device?

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Lifts

Getting access to your home should never be an obstacle. Many homeowners find themselves in a struggle when they’re suddenly faced with a mobility issue that renders them unable to move around their home easily, let alone have safe access in and out of the house. Mobility solutions are essential in any household, which is why RAM Elevators + Lifts have engineered our Trus-T-Lift to help families make their homes more accessible for everyone.

Read on to learn more about RAM’s mobility solutions that will help you and your family safely access your home.

Wheelchair Ramp 

When thinking about making your home more accessible, most homeowners initially consider building a wheelchair ramp. While it is often considered the most affordable mobility device for your home, it is not as easy to install or maintain as you might think. For starters, many buildings have specific requirements for building a ramp. Unfortunately, you cannot simply place a sheet of material over or alongside the stairs, as there are building code requirements you must abide by.

Generally, most building codes require 1 foot of ramp for every inch of vertical rise to maintain a safe slope. A typical 5-step porch, for instance, will need a ramp approximately 35 feet long! Unfortunately, not all homeowners have the space on their property to install a code-compliant ramp, and many find the cost of design, permits, materials and other expenses higher than what they had originally planned. With that said, there is a space-efficient and cost-effective alternatives available that many homeowners have started to install.

Porch Lift

You might have heard of a porch, outdoor, or wheelchair lift when shopping for accessibility devices. While there are different names available on the market, they all refer to a vertical lift that consists of a platform which passengers on wheelchairs, scooters or with canes can easily use to access their homes. This particular device is designed to offer passengers with limited mobility seamless and safe access.

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we have engineered the Trus-T-Lift that can fit into virtually any space on your property, as it only requires a 5×5” area for installation! We understand that not every home is built to accommodate large mobility devices, which is why our porch lift is ideal for homeowners who lack the space in their front yards. In order to save space, the Trus-T-Lift is designed to require minimal site preparation. To make the installation process easy and efficient, the Trus-T-Lift is delivered in 3 separate parts and (depending on the size) can be installed in as little as a few hours!

Smart Space Design

A mobility device is necessary for all homes and should not be sacrificed due to lack of space. We have incorporated our Smart Space Design in all our lifts and elevators, including the Trus-T-Lift, to ensure that you and your family receive the mobility device you need. With RAM’s Trus-T-Lift, you will no longer have to sacrifice your mobility needs.

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