Low-Rise Commercial Lifts are More Than Transportation

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Lifts, Elevators

Besides making your business more accessible, there are many reasons that a commercial elevator is beneficial for any business. While the main focus of installing a commercial elevator is to provide access to people who have mobility challenges, it is much more than this. RAM Elevators + Lifts aims to reduce hurdles in accessibility for all, but there are many additional benefits to installing a RAM product in your commercial space. Keep reading to learn about how a low-rise commercial lift from RAM Elevators + Lifts can impact your business.

Elevate Your Brand With Luxury

The look of the Commercial Crystal lift from RAM in any building takes the aesthetic to the next level. Built to fit into any space, the Commercial Crystal gives you control like never before. RAM avoids the use of hydraulics in the Commercial Crystal, making the ride both quiet and inodorous. People with mobility concerns will experience a smooth ride that they can trust as a result of the electric system and a preset speed. The presence of a Crystal lift in a building can elevate the luxuriousness of the business to a new level. The RAM Crystal is tastefully designed for any location. Purchase and install our largest low-rise commercial elevator now to build the association of your brand with luxury.

Create Safety for Guests and Staff

The specifications of the Crystal include many failsafes on top of key safety features. Including a phone in each elevator is a natural option, allowing users to contact for help. Each elevator has an alarm installed that can alert passersby about the emergency, giving two methods of alert in an emergency.

RAM takes into account the different types of emergencies that can result during use, including power failure. Should an individual using the elevator find themselves trapped in a power failure, the Crystal lift would then slowly lower them down using a built-in battery backup. This will get them to safe ground, where there is no worry of being trapped between floors or of the elevator moving on its own. Lastly, soft stops and starts offer users a feeling of security and peace on their journey. Every element of the RAM Crystal is designed to provide peak luxury and accessibility all in one.

Customize an Elevator for Your Commercial Space

All of RAM’s low-rise commercial lifts are completely customizable. Consider each blueprint a blank slate for your personal touch to bring it alive. No matter the type of luxury that you wish to radiate, RAM designers can help match that with your RAM product. We have a wide range of interior finish and fixture options on top of being able to adapt the size and exit/entry points. These finishes include, but are not limited to, walls, floors, lighting options, and handles.

Design Your Own Elevator with RAM

Commercial lifts are better for short distances, where a low-rise commercial elevator can be less functional. If you are looking for a low-rise commercial elevator, contact RAM to talk about why a commercial lift would fit your needs better.

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