RAM Stratus – The New Standard in Commercial Lowrise Lifts

by | Jun 27, 2021 | Elevators

Installing an elevator in a commercial space is a multi-faceted challenge. Installation time, compliance with accessibility regulations and long-term maintenance and upkeep are all important factors in selecting the right solution for your property. The right accessibility solution will add value and foster business growth by ensuring your customers, clients, and coworkers can get where they need to be quickly and easily.

For the last three decades, RAM Elevators + Lifts has continually developed innovative, value-adding mobility solutions for residential and commercial applications across North America. Today, our Commercial Stratus lifts provide a practical mobility solution for lowrise commercial spaces, offering unparalleled performance and value. Learn more about our commercial Stratus lifts below.

World-Class Performance

Over the last 30 years, RAM has engineered and manufactured industry-leading solutions to modern mobility challenges. Our current generation of elevators and lifts provides industry-leading performance in lowrise applications without the costs and drawbacks commonly found with inferior products.

RAM’s proprietary electric drive system offers reliable, whisper-quiet power without the need for an external machine room (and associated costs). Engineered self-lubricating polymers on all guides keep your patrons’ ride smooth and quiet with minimal maintenance, while soft starts and stops ensure passenger comfort for decades to come. Stratus elevators offer the experience of a full-sized elevator at a fraction of the price.

Custom Solutions for Any Space

Accessibility features are just that: features. RAM has decades of experience fabricating custom lifts and elevators that seamlessly integrate with any retail or commercial space, all while ensuring your mobility solution stands the test of time.

Commercial Stratus lifts’ standardized sizing eliminates typical installation challenges, saving you both time, money, and headaches throughout the process. Their self-contained, machine room-less design means they can be installed nearly anywhere without taking up extra square footage. With both pitless and 2″ pit configurations available, Stratus lifts can be both space-saving choices in new spaces as well as an ideal choice for retrofitting. Best of all, Stratus lifts are available in a complete range of colours, finishes, and door styles to complement any design concept.

Lifetime Value

In addition to reliability and comfort, RAM elevators and lifts are engineered to make accessibility cost-effective throughout their entire service life.

Backed by an extensive warranty, the RAM Stratus is engineered for straightforward installation, effortless operation, and minimal maintenance and repair. Our proprietary electric drive system requires low upkeep compared to our competition, and the polymer-coated guides deliver a comfortable, reliable ride without the need for grease, fluids, or expensive regular maintenance. The Commercial Stratus lift is 40% less expensive than our Traction LULA Elevator and as much as 65% less than a commercial passenger elevator.

The RAM Stratus delivers accessibility solutions that add value in both the short and long term, enhancing your property and keeping your patrons moving with confidence.


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