Save Money on Home Elevators

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Elevators, Lifts

Save Money on Home Elevators

As a homeowner, installing an elevator can be costly and time-consuming. The excavation, assembling, construction workers coming in and out etc., is a headache no one should endure when needing a mobility device. Elevators do provide a sense of luxury within a home, but at times, it is much more than that. With limited dexterity, installing a home elevator becomes a necessity.

RAM Elevators + Lifts offer affordable home elevators that suit all needs, whether you’re looking for more mobility within the house or looking to add a luxurious touch to your home. All our elevators are designed to suit your budget without sacrificing functionality. Here are some ways RAM Elevators + Lifts help you save money when purchasing a home elevator.

Save Money On Size

The main problem homeowners face when installing an elevator is accommodating its size. Not all homes are built to accommodate an elevator, especially if it’s an old building. The only way to install home elevators is to fully renovate your home. A large sum of money is spent on tearing down walls, excavating and rebuilding shaft space. At times, a renovation is simply not feasible, making homeowners shy away from installing a necessary mobility device in their home.

The engineers at RAM have meticulously designed budget-friendly home elevators suitable for ALL buildings. Our elevators use the Smart Space Design, which allows them to fit in any space you have. For instance, RAM elevators can either be pitless/limited pit required; this will enable you to install the elevator anywhere in the house without costly excavation.

Save Money With a Reliable Traction System

Elevators that are hydraulic or winding drums tend to be quite costly. Their installation requires extra machinery, extra space, extra maintenance and lengthy assembly periods. Having a Machine Room-Less elevator from RAM rids you from the hassle and the financial strain of doing so. With RAM’s elevators, you won’t have to spend more money building a spare room for all the machinery or the frequent maintenance visit to maintain the fluid/prevent leakage. Our elevators have an all-electric drive system that is robust, reliable and quiet. We have also engineered the most space-efficient traction on the market as all our drive components mount directly on top of the car, allowing it to fit into a standard 96” top-floor ceiling height. RAM’s traction drive also uses at least 50% less energy than other comparable products, saving up future electric bills.

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