Stay in Your Home with Residential Home Elevators

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

Reduced mobility does not need to lead to reduced accessibility in your home. As individuals age, it is common to experience mobility challenges, but these changes can be supplemented by installing a personal home elevator. Residential home elevators are quickly becoming more affordable than ever—your home can stay accessible to you as you age in place.

RAM Elevators + Lifts has a luxury line of home elevators that are perfect for increasing your ability to move freely around the home. Since 1987, we have been perfecting our design to include sleek models without the need for bulky machinery rooms. Learn more about how our elevators can benefit you below.

Access All The Comforts of Home

RAM’s drive system operates without a machine room and still offers best-in-class energy efficiency. After decades of working with families from all over North America with varying needs, RAM has developed customizable elevators that cater to the mobility needs, homes, and lifestyles of everyone. Our proprietary elevator designs allow you to choose the right fit for your home. Specific engineering has eliminated the need for a machine room and reduced the level of construction work required in your home. If you require further accessibility modifications on your home elevator, we can tailor it to what you need.

No matter what mobility needs you experience, RAM Elevators + Lifts have the solutions you need to enjoy aging in place.

RAM Elevator Lineup

The Stratus series elevators can be modified to have smaller car sizes, making them more convenient and less invasive. At a maximum speed of 20 feet per minute, the engineered polymers make your Stratus home elevator a comfortable ride that you can depend on.

The Crystal series elevators can help you reach new heights in your home with a maximum travel distance of 50 feet. Nearly every element in the Crystal is customizable. Our designers will work with you to build it with your choice of interior finishes to make your elevator unique to you.

Trust RAM for Your Accessibility Needs

Seamlessly integrate a personal elevator into your home at an affordable price. With RAM home elevators, there’s no need for a machinery room or an overly large elevator car. We have worked hard to make sure your home elevator does not take hold of all of your home’s free space. RAM elevators have one of the smallest footprints in the residential elevator market today. Our designers will work with you to create an elevator that matches your home’s finishings so that you don’t have to choose between function and style.

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