The Cost of Residential Elevators: Retrofitting Versus New Construction

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

Residential elevators are increasing in popularity every year, equipping more and more homes with the necessary accessibility homeowners need. RAM Elevators + Lifts provides luxury residential elevators as a practical and elegant way to move between floors without difficulty. No matter what the layout is, or whether it’s a finished home or in construction, it’s possible to add a residential elevator to your home. Looking to retrofit your home or modify building plans to include a residential elevator for the convenience of loved ones? Read below about retrofitting an elevator versus adding one to a new home build.

Retrofitting a Residential Elevator

RAM has worked with many clients looking to retrofit an elevator in their homes. Any five-by-five space can fit an elevator, and typically, we will install it where there is a closet or pantry stacked. When we have the opportunity to install the residential elevator in a fitting spot like this, the project becomes much easier as there will not be any HVAC, plumbing or electrical wires that need attention or moving. That being said, our expert staff will work around any potential barriers to ensure both your home and elevator run as smoothly as possible. Fitting the elevator into a different location is absolutely manageable.

Adding a Residential Elevator to a New Build

Fitting a residential elevator to the blueprints of a house in the early stages of construction is simple. There are many locations in a home where adding a residential elevator would be valuable. When the layout of the home is still up for changes, we have access to almost all of these beneficial locations. Our expert team will work diligently with you to establish a plan you are satisfied will give you the access you need to your home.

The RAM Advantage

Our luxury residential elevators come with features you can only get with RAM products, called the RAM Advantage. Besides the customizability of your elevator’s finishes, including interior walls, lighting, and more, our elevators are one-of-a-kind. RAM elevators are fully self-contained, so you do not need to dedicate extra space for a machine room where it is not necessary. This benefit, plus our premium design for less construction (called “pitless”), brings RAM residential elevators to the forefront of accessibility technology. The RAM Crystal comes with a counter-balanced traction drive that reduces energy consumption than other comparable products.

Choose Accessibility with RAM Elevators + Lifts

Since 1987, RAM has been committed to helping homeowners all over North America find residential elevators that fit their needs. With features that optimize energy efficiency, a compact design, and an all-electric drive system, you are sure to love your new RAM elevator. We offer different price points to cater to everyone in need of accessibility solutions. From an outdoor lift to bypass the stairs to indoor features that carry you to all levels of the home, RAM can help. Contact RAM Elevators + Lifts to get your own iconic luxury elevator that can match your home’s aesthetic.


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