The RAM Advantage for Small Commercial Elevators

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Elevators

When you work with RAM Elevators + Lifts, you are working with 30+ years of excellence in accessibility solutions. The RAM Advantage is one reason that our customers prefer RAM products over others. This feature, included in all of our commercial and residential lines, brings added value to your already luxury elevator. Want to learn more about the RAM Advantage? Read about it below!

What is the RAM Advantage?

The RAM Advantage is an essential and unique feature that is specific to RAM Elevators + Lifts products. We give each product added value to go beyond a simple accessibility solution and to offer benefits that bring our small commercial elevators above the rest. Our product lines each have unique RAM Advantages, whether you are looking at the Commercial Crystal, the Commercial Stratus, or the Commercial Vertical Platform Lift (VPL).

The Stratus Small Commercial Elevator

The Stratus is one of our luxury small commercial elevators that can travel up to two storeys and four stops. You have your choice between three car sizes and lifting heights so that your Stratus will suit your commercial space the best. Customization is also an option! Choose from a variety of finishing options for your interior and door styles.

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Soft Start/Stop

Thoughtful engineering means that our small commercial elevators will stop and start smoothly, creating a comfortable environment for its users. We keep the needs of our clients at the forefront of our minds when creating the Stratus.

All-Electric Drive System

The field-proven all-electric drive system makes the Stratus small commercial elevator a powerful yet reliable feat. No hydraulics in the machine means you won’t ever smell harsh odours coming from your elevator.

Machine Room-Less (MRL) Design

Our products are far less intrusive than other models, as they are completely self-contained and do not require extra space for a machine room. This feature saves you time, space, and money.

Pitless Build

No RAM products will require invasive construction to create an unnecessary pit underneath your elevator. With the option to create a 2” ramp up to the elevator entrance or to dig a 2” pit under the elevator to create flush access, you are looking at minimal disruption in that regard.

Get the RAM Advantage

RAM Elevators + Lifts has been serving North America for over 30 years with luxurious and reliable accessibility solutions. To us, it’s essential that our clients who use our accessibility solutions do not feel that they need to compromise when deciding how to live. Our small commercial elevator will allow your employees, clients and others to access your building easily and safely.

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