Accessibility Solutions for All Commercial Spaces

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Lifts

Are you looking for a low-rise commercial elevator or platform lift? RAM Elevators + Lifts has the perfect mobility solution for you.

For over 30 years, RAM Elevators + Lifts has designed, manufactured and supplied commercial platform lifts and elevators to businesses and offices across North America. Our experienced engineers have designed commercial lifts that are easily integrated into nearly any space. Read more about our selection of commercial platform lifts below!

Commercial Low-Rise Mobility Solutions

It’s no secret that any changes made to commercial buildings’ architecture or electrical work must abide by strict codes and standards. As a North American elevator and lift manufacturer, RAM has been engineering high-quality commercial lifts that help passengers overcome all mobility challenges while meeting the strict commercial building codes and contemporary standards in both the United States and Canada. Our wide range of commercial mobility solutions addresses all accessibility needs and offers commercial spaces the best low-rise elevating devices on the market today.

Smart Space Design

All our commercial elevators and platform lifts are engineered for reliable performance and safe operation. Our industry-leading mobility solutions provide customers with world-class performance without the costs and drawbacks commonly found with commercial platform lifts and elevators. RAM’s Smart Space Design allows us to install any of our commercial mobility solutions into your office space without the need for costly and time-consuming renovations.

Our proprietary all-electric drive system is mounted to the top of our commercial elevators and platform lifts, eliminating the need for excessive overhead clearance or machine rooms. Additionally, commercial platform lifts are compact and self-contained mobility solutions that can travel up to 14 ft with limited or no pit required.

Instead of carrying out extensive excavations and costly construction, you can choose a pitless commercial platform lift with a 2” ramp (ideal for existing spaces) or a 2” pit for flush access. With an all-electric drive system, machine room-less (MRL) design and limited or no pit requirements, RAM’s commercial platform lifts can fit into nearly any existing space.

Cost-Effective Mobility Solutions 

Our self-contained and space-saving commercial platform lifts are also much more affordable than regular commercial elevators on the market. In fact, our Commercial Stratus lift is up to 65% less than a commercial passenger elevator.

RAM’s proprietary all-electric drive system requires much lower upkeep and maintenance compared to other commercial products. Our advanced engineered self-lubricating polymers don’t rely on grease or hydraulic fluid, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance visits or frequent fluid changes. Backed by an extensive warranty, RAM’s commercial platform lifts and elevators are designed for simple installation, smooth operation and minimal maintenance and repairs.

Ready To Elevate Your Commercial Space?

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