Debunking Your Worries About Outdoor Lifts

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Lifts

RAM Elevators + Lifts’ outdoor lifts give our clients the advantage of safe and reliable transportation consistently and throughout any weather conditions.

Outdoor elevators are actually a misnomer: lifts are most often used for short distances and outdoor situations than using an outdoor elevator. Instead of looking for an outdoor elevator, any person looking for short distance travel would benefit from a lift. There are very few differences between the two, but you can learn more about it on our blog.

While we understand the benefits of this product at RAM, we hear some of the same worries over and over. We wanted to take some time to address these myths and stressors, and give you the information you need to make an informed decision on what mobility aid is right for you. Read about what you think you may know, and review the facts below.

“It’s not tough enough to survive Canadian Winters.”

RAM’s outdoor lift, called a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL), is designed to withstand unfortunate weather conditions. The rain, hail, wind and snow were taken into account by our manufacturers when we designed the VPL. Each outdoor elevator has its motor and key control enclosed in a waterproof box to prevent mechanics from being affected by rain or snow. The floors are fitted with a non-slip coating to ensure you have a grip when boarding and exiting the outdoor elevator. Just as you warm your car before driving in the Canadian winter, our outdoor elevator starts seconds before moving to warm up the motor.

“Outdoor lifts can’t fit a wheelchair.”

We don’t know about other outdoor elevators, but our VPL can fit a wheelchair and another user comfortably inside in one trip. We can help you pick which size of outdoor elevator your home needs and assist you in customizing its appearance for your style. Accessibility should be inclusive of everyone, which is why it is important to RAM that wheelchair users find it easy to use.

Many aspects of the VPL are made with accessibility in mind. Oversized soft touch paddles and a smooth start/stop are just a few ways that we make our VPL accessible for all.

“It requires intense construction to install.”

Quite the opposite, actually! RAM outdoor VPLs are easily installed. The whole lift has three simple parts that need to be assembled and can be done with minimal site preparation.

Even our indoor lifts have a uniqueness in that they do not require a machine room or a deep pit dug out in the home. Called a “pitless” lift, we have crafted a mobility device that won’t cost thousands of dollars more in construction work alone.

“Outdoor lifts are an eyesore.”

RAM Elevators + Lifts offers customizable lift options for every VPL. While we aren’t able to completely redesign the lift for you, we have a variety of options that can make your VPL blend into the rest of your home. Custom colours, doors, entry and exit points, and more are completely up to you to design. Talk to us directly to ask us about what options we would recommend choosing for your home.

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