Which Residential Wheelchair Lift Is Best For Your Home

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

RAM Elevators + Lifts offers reliable and customizable residential wheelchair lifts for wheelchair users. We have curated three different products to aid in accessibility around Edmonton: Vertical Platform Lifts, the Stratus, and the Crystal. Below, we briefly dive into all three of these. Read through each summary and reach out to let us know which suits you best.

Affordable Access: the Vertical Platform Lift

RAM’s Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) is the ideal indoor and outdoor mobility solution for any home in Edmonton. Its weather-resistant design prevents damage from occurring after harsh Canadian winters. RAM Elevators + Lifts engineered the VPL with a non-slip coating to prevent feet, wheels, and walking aids from slipping on snow or ice. To prevent weather from affecting this product, we enclosed the motor in a waterproof box and added a Zero-Load Start Design to reduce the impact of extremely cold temperatures on your VPL.

This residential wheelchair lift can be altered to fit Edmonton homes of various sizes at a max space of 42” x 60.” We will work with you to cover how you desire your VPL to look, from finishings to entrance and exit points to fixtures. Contact us for customization options.

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Iconic Luxury: the Crystal

RAM’s Crystal residential wheelchair lift is a top-shelf luxury you can put in your home. With a wide range of customization options, the Crystal can seamlessly fit into any home’s aesthetics while being a dependable form of transportation for people in the Edmonton area with mobility issues.

Soft start/stop features and large soft-touch paddles allow users to feel comfortable and in control in this residential lift. It uses 50% less energy than comparable products on the market, saving you long-term costs of electricity, and does not require extra space for a machine room. As an added bonus, this residential wheelchair lift does not use hydraulics and will not emit hydraulic-related harsh smells. RAM Elevators + Lifts offers the RAM Advantage, bringing us above other Edmonton providers.

Contemporary Elegance: the Stratus

There is no of cutting corners with the Stratus. With this amazing elevator option, you get complete customizability for a residential wheelchair lift that requires little ground disturbance (either a 2” ramp or 2” pit) and does not require a machine room. Whether your home is prepared for a large lift or is in need of a smaller accessibility option, the Stratus can fit in your home. The Stratus is built to last so that you are investing in your quality of life as well as the future of your Edmonton home.

Self-lubricating engineered polymers on all gliding surfaces offer peace of mind from the odour of hydraulics and promote a powerful ride. Our smallest car design can comfortably fit a wheelchair and aide inside at one time. Your comfort is our responsibility at RAM Elevators + Lifts.

Let RAM Help You Find Your Residential Wheelchair Lift

For over 30 years, RAM has been providing quality, dependable accessibility solutions for people in Edmonton and all over North America. Each of our products has key features that will promote a safe and comfortable ride for users. Should something go awry, we are available to help! Give us a call to determine the best lift for your home, or request a quote for Edmonton residences.


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